Photography Tuition

Cityscape and landscape Day Photography / Night Photography one to one Hands-on workshops with Gregorsky. The basic idea is to switch your camera to manual and to teach you all different aspects how to enjoy your camera. Approx 4 hours workshop allows plenty of time to get to different locations, and to have quality tuition time completely around your wants, needs and level of skill. 



Aperture – How to blur the background in your images. Guide to Depth of Field (DOF)

ISO – How that ISO number can help you.

Shutter Speed – Stop blurring your subjects! 

Lenses – Differences. What is the best lens for you?

Focusing – How to focus on your subject and not the tree behind.

RAW Files vs. JPEG – Learn why you must shoot RAW.

White Balance – How to record the right colours in your images.

Manual Modes – Basics. Pick the right mode.



Histogram – The best guide to perfect exposure

Exposure Compensation – Tweaking exposure in Aperture Mode

F-stops – More on the relationship between aperture, ISO and shutter speed

Shooting in Manual Mode – Manual mode in practice, when and how, until it doesn’t seem so scary.

Flash – All things flash.

Dynamic Range and HDR – Learn the limits of your DSLR

Extreme Conditions – Shooting in low light or bright sunlight


Price is £115 per person. Gift Vouchers available.

If you are interested in my Photography Workshop then please do not hesitate contact me today.